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In addition to 20 minute to 60 minute stand-up style performance sets, I also tour the following shows...


"I'm an itchy eyed blotchy faced/wheezy whistling breather/pollen counting bogey sprouting/hay fever sneezer"

Performance Poet and nature shy heyfever sneezer Justin Coe shows you round his Creepy-Cawly Story House  which is being invaded by a gang of infectiously mischievous mini-beasts, insects and fantastical creatures. Meet the charming army of chanting ants, a rap spitting bat, a word spinning spider and a most disgusting slug who loves nothing better than to graffiti the carpet in rhyming slime. Everybug and everybody is invited. There’s songs to sing, laughs to join in on, rhymes to guess, sneezes to bless and even time to draw your very own mythical poetry pests to be special guests at the Creepy-Crawly Story House Party. 

Review by Sarah Veness of Arts East Magazine...

"Any parent will understand when I say that I was apprehensive at the prospect of taking my (rather naughty) 3 year old to a show at Diss Corn Hall. But her five year old brother was keen and the show sounded great so I bit the bullet and packed them in the car. Just walking in I felt myself relax. The atmosphere was very chilled out with a rug at the front of the seats for the kids to sit on. Before the show the kids were invited to sit at tables overflowing with craft materials to make their very own Creepy-Crawly. My two were in their element - what a great idea! But soon it was time to take to our seats as Justin Coe took to the stage with his guitar and rucksack full of props. For the next hour the children and I sat engrossed in his unique mixture of raps, poems and songs about a whole series of undesirable bugs that had invaded his house in the woods. Justin's clever use of repetition meant that even my daughter got into the swing of things and they both really enjoyed it. Now I can't wait for the next Saturday Club show"

The Dictionary Of Dads

"If you can't open a jar of jam/I know a man who surely can/Who can?/ He can.../He-man Dad"

illustration -
Ed Boxall 


From Alien Dads to Zombie Dads via the Embarrassing, the Heroic and the downright Silly, come and encounter the colourful collection of characters that make up “The Dictionary of Dads”.

Performance Poet Justin Coe presents his new selection of comedy, poems and songs. With additional original music from composer Peter Coates and optimum opportunities for some good humoured joining in (especially from Dads), the show promises to be plenty of fun for everyone, even Mum.

"Justin’s performance was slick and professional, magical and inspirational. The children and dads enjoyed the interactive elements and joined in with great spirit. The poems, raps and songs were diverse and engaging and appealed to a wide age group. Poetry has never been more popular!" 

Katharine Pond/Anne Bonham, Bookstart and Children's Manager, Southend Libraries. 


The Jumble Book


"The ink is black, the page is white/The words leap up and then they bite..."


Illustration by Ed Boxall


Jumble wants to write a book but he can’t even spell his name. Bullied by the fearsome Mrs Fog and sneered at by classmate Claire Cloggs , Jumble feels his dream is hopeless. But after spectacularly failing an exam he is sent to see the amazing Dr Jigsaw , who recognises both Jumble’s dyslexia and creative talents, and helps him to find his groove.....

The Jumble Book is a 60 minute fusion of performance poetry, theatre, storytelling, comedy, drawing, music and audience participation, suitable for family audiences, telling the story of Jumble, a dyslexic boy. Written and performed by Justin, the show also features music from composer Peter Coates and illustration from Walker Book's Ed Boxall. The show was nominated for Best Children's Event at Brighton Festival. 

The Jumble Book, was nominated for Best Children's Event at the Brighton Festival, recieving the following four star review from Paul Levy of

 "A lot of very lovely things happen in this show - even before the performer has stepped onto the stage. Dont Feed the Poets' Paul Stones hands out felt bits and felt picture pads for adults and children to create mini-masterpieces which, we are promised, will be used later in a show which aims itself at many different age groups at once, exploring dyslexia whilst lighting us all up with skilled performance poetry, singing and story telling. 

This is a show of poetry, picture, music and story, of comedy and audience interaction, and there's a message here too. Most of all, as theatre, its a fun show of jumbled words, and putting things on back to front. Adorned with just a guitar and a generose dose of Charisma, Justin had us clapping and smiling. Oh, and the children really it as well, as we hear the tale of Jumbel, er, Jumble.. 

More lovely things include the splendid projected illustrations of Ed Boxall, recreated live as well by the multi-talented Justin Coe who tells us a tale of Jumble, a boy with dyslexia who discovers that stories do not need written words to light up an audience. As the illustrations appear, they become the cue for Justin to act out the characters, and soon we are quaking before the sterm Mrs Fog, the stuck-up Claire Cloggs, and, my favourite of them all, the wonderfully rounded (in many different ways) Dr. Jigsaw.

On a more seious notes, in an age of overstructure, the Jumble Book celebrates the importance of jumbliness, of whatever, of not knowing what comes next. We need to also love serendipity, not just plans. Simple props are a strong feature of the dramatic element, the story book, all pasted bits assumes a magical, solemn aura as Justin reads from it.

The poetry is often beautiful, loaded with a sense of high craft, the delivery plays with mood, rhythm. Peter Coates' music is is a perfect addition to the piece......  


Jumble wakes up to his own creativity and value despite not being able to read. Jumble is clever at stories, and this is a strong message, well presented. There are moments when it reaches brilliant - poetry, story telling, and sheer charm emanating from the personal magic of Justin himself."

The Jumble Book Anthology


I donated the title of my show and some poems to a collection of poetry compiled by children’s poet Roger Stevens for Macmillan, which features many other contributions from some of the best poets in the UK, including Michael Rosen and Roger McGough. The book is available in good bookshops now and proceeds from the sales go to Dyslexia Action.

 Sticks and Stones - The World Cup Of Words

"....listen to this rhythm's joyful jig/like a left-wing run from Ryan Giggs/Or a Rooney wriggle down the middle/making the magic seem so simple/and leaving the rest to curse their luck/I'm gonna win the Word World Cup...."


Photo by Peter Fry

Originally commissioned by Kent Libraries, an interactive family show, especially suitable for 5-11 year olds, performed with Justin's partner in rhyme Mr.Paul Stones, and featuring original and dynamic sport related word-games such as Word Hurling, Rhyming Tennis, The 400 Metre Verbals and The Spike Milligan Penalty Shoot Out, plus an appearance from the ever efferversent umpire, Mr Forehead


Don't Feed The Poets Cabaret



"Always Brilliant" The Insight, Brighton

Between 1999 and 2010, Don't Feed The Poets featured a blistering blend of music, magic, comedy and spoken word at it's regular pubs and theatres in Brighton, Lewes and Hastings. We championed some of the best of Brighton's page and performance poetry scene alongside acts as diverse as character comic Jo Neary, crime writer Jake Arnott and The Clash collaborator Tymon Dogg

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